Phomi products are highly ecological natural-looking cladding and flooring materials with the help of the patented nanotechnologies out of modified clay.

PHOMI Group, the inventor of the MCM ecological material, is a World-wide leader of the MCM industry and the constitutor of the international MCM material industry standard. Products of PHOMI MCM Group are not just about some particular single benefit. It is a long list of special and unique features, philosophy and vision of short- and long-term benefits in economic, ecological and human society sustainable development. We aim high but think down-to-Earth. In PHOMI we believe that the same as not only the extraordinary people can perform extraordinary things, also a human mind can create extraordinary products out of common substances.

What are nowadays’ modified clay materials of PHOMI?

It is cladding, flooring, roads, sidewalks, athletic runways pavements, construction materials, art plastic substances… All of that is ecological, safe, very long lasting, looking very nice and possesses a long list of applied features, offering a unique blend of benefits to the our customers that make these products unique in the combination of their affordability, usability, look and resources saving.