Founder of MCM industry

PHOMI – is the combination of two Chinese words, “Fu” – happiness and “Mei” – beauty. By naming his product like this the inventor of MCM expressed his hope that the one who uses PHOMI can be happy and his house beautiful.


PHOMI Group, the founder of the MCM ecological material industry and the constitutor of the international MCM material standard with the Head Quarters in Guangzhou, China.

Currently there are three manufacturing sites of PHOMI MCM Group in Laibin with 80 production lines with the total of 60.000.000 m annual production capacity.

PHOMI is a joint-stock pro-listed company that has won the support of the National Innovation Fund of China and also considered as one of the important projects of the national Torch plan.

The Group is advancing rapidly internationally, in 2018 having its representatives in more than 20 countries Worldwide

For example, currently in China alone there is around 150 showrooms and India 20, in Canada PHOMI MCM products are sold via the DIY chain.

10.000 – 200.000 m2 projects became common for PHOMI Group and its partners. After the success in Asia and Canada decided to open a highly perspective European market with the European Headquarters in the Czech Republic.

The Group's R&D is actively developing its MCM assortment, entering the new market areas which sustainability can be revolutionized by the use of MCM

In addition to the core brand of PHOMI two more brands were introduced in 2018

Currently the product lines of PHOMI, UPHO and EKUME brands are comprised of over 400 products and their varieties only in the standard lines

PHOMI History

In the autumn of 1974 a group of young men drove a herd of cattle through the mud fields to produce the rammed earth bricks. This primitive method of converting the earth into the construction material has left a lasting impression on the founder.

In summer of 1976 the young man experimented with mixing rammed soil with rice straws, dried leaves, lime and cow dung to create the first modified clay wall which could withstand all-year-round weather conditions.

In 2003 the founder set up the EOSD Lab in Guangzhou specialized in the soil properties studies and the way of converting the common earth soil into the industrial raw material.

In 2004 the lab moves to Los Angeles, USA to facilitate the founder’s budding vision.

In May 2006 the innovative elastic and functional modified soil (Modified Clay or MC) production technology that can replace cement and asphalt was granted US, EU and China patents. This initial type of material was intended for the pavement of the private and municipal roads use.

In July 2006 further derivative products of MC and then MCS (Modified Clay for Sports) materials have been applied for the pavement of athletic runways, basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, yoga studios, and municipal walkways.

In 2007 at the Exchange Meeting of Guangzhou Overseas
Students Talents and Hi-tech Expo, MC technology was accepted by the experts panel of Guangzhou Municipal Government Innovation Fund. After its careful evaluation, the production of MC has been granted funding under the Guangzhou Innovation Angel Fund.

In January 2008 PHOMI was incorporated in Guangzhou. In the following March 2008, PHOMI launched Flexi Ceramic Tiles (MCC) which created a major stir during the 12-th China Ceramic Expo in the tiles industry for its revolutionary properties against extreme weather temperatures, excessive energy-consumption and highly polluting traditional tile industry.

Since that time PHOMI Group was highly recognized in different occasions, has taken part in the large number of extencive construction, city renovation projects, its products became the national standard in MCM in China, and established its presence in many countries on the Globe. Please, have a look at the milestones of the recent PHOMI Group development below.

Some of our recent realized projects

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