Rockface Stone

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Product dimensions

560x280x4,5 mm / customised

Box dimensions*

590x300x90 mm / customised

Pcs / box*


Kg / box*


㎡ / box*


Production capacity

2.400.000 m²/month

This information is for orientation purposes only and is subject to a change according to the actual packaging offer without notice.

PHOMI MCM Rockface Stone is the universal solution for exteriors and interiors, public, entertainment and home spaces – walls and ceilings.


The product texture is typical for the sedimentary rocks crude surface.


For the best look we recommend closed gaps and running-bond installation pattern.

Grouting: For the grouting we recommend to use the similar, nearest possible color for the joints to create the best visual effects.

In case of outdoor installation: as for any kind of outdoor cladding we recommend to use high-quality flexible adhesive.

Seam: for the outdoor use we recommend to leave 2 mm seam between the tiles. In case of the interior use, when during the cladding exploitation period the temperature fluctuations are minimal, any type of adhesive is applicable and the seam is not mandatory.


During the outdoor use the product shows good self-cleaning capabilities. In case of strong contamination, the high-pressured pure water cleaning (similar to the car washing jet) can be applied. The use of detergent additives is solely on the risk and discretion of the client.