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Product dimensions
Box dimensions*
Pcs / box*
Kg / box*
㎡ / box*
Production capacity

600x300x3 / 1200x600x3 mm or customised

… / 1230×630×65 mm

24 / 16

16 / 64

4,32 / 11,25

2.400.000 m²/month

* this information is for the orientation purpose only and is subject to a possible change according to the actual packaging offer.

PHOMI MCM Slate is one of the most demanded materials due to its simplicity and price. Among the PHOMI offer this material is first to be recommended for the paving and flooring. Despite that it’s most common use is on the exterior and interior walls. We have designed the products with the special colors combination that we’ve given their own names, like the slate Sunnya Slate or Slate Arté that became the champion among its kind. The other colors of these products, especially if this is a single-color product you’ll find under the three-digit number that will exactly tell you about its shade.


The product has inherited the rugged surface irregularities from its natural counterpart. Due to this the thickness of each tile in its different parts will vary. Has a bit less rough surface then Oasis Stone.


We recommend to use the similar or nearest possible grouting color for the joints to create the best visual effects.


In case of the floor application we recommend 3-4 sealant layers for the dirt resistance. In case of the wall application you can add 1-2 sealant layers for the better shine.