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Product dimensions

600x600x2,5 / 600x300x2,5 / 1500x600x2,5 mm

Box dimensions*

620x320x90 / 620x620x90 / 1610x685x31 mm

Pcs / box*

26 / 26 / 100

Kg / box*

12-16 / 55-65

㎡ / box*

4,68 / 9,36 / 90

On pallet*

custom crate would be made according to the quantity

Production capacity

2.400.000 m²/month

This information is for orientation purposes only and is subject to a change according to the actual packaging offer without notice.

The Verbena type of PHOMI MCM wallpaper depicts typical for the Verbena plants family leaves pattern.


We recommend to use the similar or nearest possible grouting color for the joints to create the best visual effects. For the use on the floor or behind the cooking corner, we recommend 3-4 layers of the sealant in order to avoid the surface contamination.


When sealed – the common cleaning methods are applied.