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There are three kinds of PHOMI MCM Wood products – the Original, Jagged and Striped Wood series.

Comparing to the organic wood, this wood is not influenced by the UV (does not change the color), does not require nails, does not deform, it is not affected by the insects, rain or direct sun heat. In addition it is very much more bendable, well vapor-penetrable, light and practically does not require any maintenance whether on the exterior or interior walls. It helps to improve the microclimate in the living space by regulating the humidity within the optimal level for the human beings.

This series of products greatly works for the heated floors unlike the massive ceramic or concrete tiles that heats up very fast. Safety is of utmost importance: if you apply PHOMI Wood on the ceiling or at a  height, due to its lightness you should never worry that decades later it could hurt anyone due unlikely glue or installation quality issues.
All of the PHOMI Wood products offers even more: feel free to use PHOMI Wood both around your swimming pool (as it has also anti-slip capacities and does not afraid long contact with water) or create an interior oxymoron – clad your fireplace with PHOMI Wood (on the areas that are not getting hotter than 80°C during the long periods of time).
By choosing this wood you take a great care about the ecology on our planet.


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